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Payment Options

Spring Semester

Only (18 Lessons)

30 min.

60 min.



Fall Semester

Only (15 Lessons)

30 min.

60 min.



Full Academic

Year (32 Lessons)    *Best value!

30 min.

60 min.



Installment plans available! To pay by installment, submit the registration fee along with registration and you will be invoiced according to your payment preferences. Tuition may be divided into two, five, or ten equal payments depending on the term you commit to. 

Our Piano Performers lesson offerings now include after school guitar lessons, right from your school! Each lesson will be one-on-one for 30 or 60 minutes. The program is offered at a limited number of schools, and there is an enrollment minimum for program continuation. In the event that the guitar program is discontinued at your preferred location, we will do our best to find an alternate location for you, or your tuition will be refunded. 

Tuition covers the given number of lessons in the term signed up for, and the opportunity to perform  in 1 recital per semester. Please note that each installment is not payment for any specific lessons, but rather an equal division of the total tuition. Installment options are available as a payment convenience, and registration is a commitment to the full semester or academic year. We allow withdrawals any time during your first two weeks of lessons; the no cancellation policy goes into effect at the start of the 3rd lesson. We have the option to temporarily or permanently transition to online lessons should the need arise. 

Lesson day for each school can be found here.

We accept credit/debit cards and checks. If paying by check, please pay in full or contact the director for instructions for installment payments. All checks must be submitted for registration to be considered complete. Checks will be cashed at the first of each month. There is a $30 service fee for returned checks.

Make checks payable to :


Musical Beginnings

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